Will Hell exist forever? | What’s Up With Hell? Part 6

Questions Covered:
In Revelation it talks about the end of the world. There is talk of a New Heaven and a New Earth – what happens to Hell after all of that goes down?

Last time we talked about how Hell is eternal. But what does “eternal” really mean? Will Hell continue to exist forever?

As you journey through the Bible and head towards the end of the New Testament, it’s clear that everything is coming down to a couple of exciting events. Jesus’ return and His defeat of Satan. The ideas surrounding the end times are pretty crazy and sometimes hard to grasp.

So as you read things about it, take your time and be patient. But one thing is clear, after Satan is defeated, God will judge everyone. This is called the Great White Throne Judgment. After this judgment, Satan will be thrown in the Lake of Fire along with everyone who choses to not accept Jesus.  It’s after this event, God will actually destroy everything and create a New Heaven and Earth for all His followers to enjoy.

It would be easier to swallow if after this event God would just annihilate those who rejected Him along with Satan, but the opposite is true. Hell is real forever, and it’s eternal reality should compel us to show Jesus to the world.

Hell is Hell forever. So let’s let nothing get in the way of our devotion to Jesus and those who have never heard.

For more info on this check out this great article from Got Questions. 

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