What’s up with Hell? | Part 5

Questions Answered:
What about people of a different religion who’ve never heard of Jesus?
Do they go to heaven or hell? 
Is there a way to get forgiveness once you’re there?

As we begin to wrap up our conversation on Hell, the conversation gets more difficult. Sometimes we find it hard to even fathom the idea of Hell, but the more we understand sin and grace, the more we understand we deserve Hell. Heaven should’t even be an option for us, but God gives it to us anyway.

God, in His eternal grace, has another plan and He graciously gives us an alternative to Hell, and it’s Heaven. Instead of damnation, He shows us compassion.

This is why in the process of our own personal discovery of God, we must all come to place  where we understand it’s all because of Jesus.

He is the reason. His death. His resurrection.

Both reasons are why we can have eternal life.

John 14: 6 “Jesus told him, ‘“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”‘

This text leaves no room for any alternatives. Jesus is the only pathway to God. He is the only God to defeat death and His life has no comparisons.

Therefore, if someones believes in a different religion or a god other than Jesus, they themselves are choosing for themselves a pathway opposite of Jesus.

That’s why He gives us freedom. Freedom to choice our own perspective on God and mortality. We get to choose Him or reject Him.

Acts 4:12 “There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.”

We live in a country of tolerance. Tolerance is not a bad thing because it enables us to have conversation and debate. But as followers of Jesus, it should break our hearts to see anyone choose anything other than Jesus.

The great thing is there are many ways to Jesus. Not everyone lives in America and has unlimited choices for churches, but everyone lives under the authority and care of God. He can show Himself in anyway He wants. From visions to dreams, or nature itself. He can use anything and everything as the ultimate Creator to show His love to the world.

His favorite tool? Us. That’s why Jesus told us we are the ones who are called to go. We are the ones chosen to go to the end of the earth to spread His love.

So as you reflect on those who are close to you who don’t believe in Jesus or as you consider those who have never heard of Jesus know this: God is just. He is holy. And no one has ever been sent to Hell unjustly.

If someone has never heard the name of Jesus, but believes in God, I don’t know if Heaven will be their home because the Bible seems to say other wise (Romans 10:13-15). But I’m not God. But I know God and He is just. So we shouldn’t sit around and debate it, but move. There is no definitive answer to the question other than God is just. He is a just God who loves and adores us. A love that should compel us to move and share the gospel with the world.

Even by just looking out the window at God’s creation or in the mirror at our own image, those two observations should be enough to consider and accept that nothing in this world happens by accident. (Romans 1:20) God shows Himself to all of us. If we want to know Him – He will find a way.

Sadly people still choose Hell. People still choose to not believe in God or seek out what they know in their heart to be true.

So it should compel us to love the world.

The reason?

Because Hell is eternal. Once you’re there- there is no turning back. The decision has been made. The judgment has been placed upon you. We get one life. One choice.  (Luke 16:19-31, Matthew 25:41, 2nd Thessalonians 1:9 )

So may His love be our mission. The reason we take every breath. Put Him first in our lives.


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