Conversations with God

One of the most amazing aspects of our connection with God is our ability to talk with Him. We are able to have conversation with God like we do with our friends at Starbucks, or through texting, emailing, and talking on the phone. The hardest part is figuring out how to initiate the conversation with God. Many times we find ourselves talking “at” God, not talking “with” God. But like with any relationship communication in any relationship must go both ways.

Our goal of talking with God is we want to know Him more and have constant updates with our heavenly Father and not just go through some religious custom. We have the amazing opportunity to know God and journey through our days in complete intimacy with Him. So whether we are a student, boss, employee, mom, father, son, daughter, no matter the description, God wants to know us.

The more we get to know Him the more He will transform us. We will never live transformed lives until we have transformed minds. Its easy to tell God what we need done and need fixed in our lives, but we must give Him time to speak. That happens through His word and our prayers.

Before I share with you how you can get the most out of your conversations with God, let me ask you one question… Do you see the urgency in spending time with God? 

If spending time with God isn’t an urgency in our lives, we will never achieve the relationship God wants to have with us. We place importance on getting to school, work, and the movies. We find time for our favorite shows, books, blogs, sites, and Facebook pages, but not time with God. If we don’t place urgency on our connection with Jesus, we will pay a price. But the more importance we place on it, the higher quality of life we live.

So once you make the decision to connect with God, pick a great place to meet with Him and make the commitment to do it every day. I would personally recommend you do it in the morning so God’s word can seep through your day.

So if you’re ready to jump in here is a great game plan for your time with Him:
Start reading:

  • Does it matter where? Not really. But if it’s your first time reading in a while, jump into the New Testament.
  • When we read scripture it enables us to see as God sees, which in return clarifies what we should do and why God asks us to do it. The more we read God’s word the more we can see how God sees. The more we understand God the more we understand life the way God wants us too.
  • The more we spend time in God’s word the more we are able to understand some of the things in it we may not understand or at the present time disagree with.
  • The more we communicate with the God the more we will know Him, and the more intimate or connection with Him will be.
  • Intimacy always requires communication.

Here are four components you need to incorporate into your reading that will help you take away more from your time with God.

But before I give them to you, know this…The real obstacle is not the more you read the better off you are, but the more you takeaway from your time with God the more changed you will encounter.

You can read as much or as little as you want but try answering these questions after you read a chapter or set of verses:

  1. What does this passage say? What does this mean to me in my own words?
  2. Why is this important? Why do I need to know this?
  3. What should I do about it? How can I apply this to my life today?
  4. How can I remember this? Whats the best way for me to remember this verse? (Write it in your phone, write in on a card, ask for accountability)

After you read this, spend time talking with God about what you just read.


Praying through the passage you just read. 

Say things to God like:

  • “Lord help me to be like the person I just read about…”
  • “Lord, when I face a trial, remind me that it is a test of my faith…”
  • “Lord, help me to forgive as your have forgiven me…”
  • -Take some time to pray for your day:
  • “Today, I will be tempted to…”
  • “Today, I am meeting with…”
  • “Today, when he or she approaches me…”

Pray through your relationships:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances

Then consider taking sometime to write out your thoughts so you can clearly see all that God spoke to you about during your time with Him. Then take all that you learned and received and walk through your day with God, living out your connection with Him.

Everyday we do these things, the more intimate our connection with with our Heavenly Father will be.


* Most of this blog was inspired by Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall’s book “7 Checkpoints”.


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