Leadership Managerial Tip #1 | Never point.

Recently Caley and I went away for a weekend to relax and decompress. While shopping we jumped over to JoAnna’s (if you’re a guy and you do not know what this is- it’s okay.- it’s a craft store). When we walked in to this massive store full of millions of items for all types of craftery- Caley asked for help.

The older gentlemen politely stopped and pointed to the last row a football field away. Instead of taking us there he pointed.

Whether you are working at a craft store, volunteering at your church, or you leading a new coworker on a crash orientation. When you point someone somewhere, here is what you are saying:

“What I am doing is more important than you.”

Many times we can be so focused on where we are, we miss the opportunity to take someone on a journey. When a customer asks where something is, there is nothing more important in that moment. Pointing pushes the customer away to search on their own- in our situation, it seemed like finding a needle in a haystack. When in that moment you could take the customer there personally. You could then use that time to ask me how I am doing and making sure I am completely satisfied with my trip. This can only happen if you personally guide me to the source of my question. Show me you put customers first by actually treating me like a guest in your home rather than an annoying grievance.

“Taking you there would be an inconvenience.”

By pointing out a location to me 20 aisles away, you’re telling me I am a inconvenience to you at the moment. In today’s economy the only upper hand any company has when everyone is cutting costs, is customer service. Customer service is sharing with your potential customers nothing you do will inconvenience me.

“My focus is on a task/product not you.”

As Caley and I checked out, the older gentleman was discussing with the other coworkers what to do with the extra candy located at the check out aisle. As we left, he was straightening the shopping carts and discussing the location of other employees. What this man shared with us, was his product was more important than the customers. This is a prime example that no store has a good customer service experience by accident. Good customer service is always intentional. In this situation the candy at the checkout line was more important than my wife and I. We did find the items we were  searching for after a few minutes- it was even where he said it was, but his actions spoke for themselves.

We were happy- but we are not your average customers. We see where costumer service is lacking and we discuss the importance of it rather than holding it against them. Others may not do the same…

Whether you’re a volunteer or working 9-5 at a job you love or hate, give every customer an experience and they will keep coming back every time. Take your customers on a journey and they will know you care.


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