Leadership Highlights from Verge Team Meeting

This past week we had our first Verge Team Leader meeting of 2012. We prayed together, celebrated 2011, and focused our hearts on what God has inshore for 2012 at Verge.

Here are some of the highlights from our meeting:

The theme of 2012 for Verge: We want what we talk about on Wednesdays to impact our student’s Friday night and that can only happen if we continually feel the weight the weight being the spiritual bondage we all find ourselves in and the power God has to work in our lives.).

We asked ourselves this question: Are personally fighting for our place in our student’s lives? We want to positively impact them every chance we get.

If we are not focused we wont be effective.

We discussed how we are our own worst enemies. 


1. We don’t see ourselves as we see others •.

  • We a lot of times don’t see ourselves realistically. We size up everybody else except ourselves.
  • The first person we must examine when it comes to being a better leader is ourselves. Growth must start with us.
  • That means we have to inspect ourselves. If we don’t inspect ourselves first and foremost we will never grow in our leadership or our impact.

2. We are harder on others than we are on ourselves.

  • We tend to judge others according to their actions while judging us by our intentions.
  • We must ask ourselves: “What are my actions portraying?”

To counter act this we must:

1. Be a better follower.

  • The better follower we are the better leader we will be. The more we understand and grow at being under authority the more we have a better understanding of how authority should be exercised.
  • Leaders who follow bad lead bad. We can’t be arrogant. We cant be prideful we can alienate ourselves. The more we learn to be humble by following well he between leaders we will be.

2. Develop self-discipline.

  • To make good decisions we have to refrain from bad ones. Our self-discipline only comes from God.
  • “When we are foolish we want to conquer the world, but when we are wise we want to conquer ourselves.” We must do what is right no matter how we feel about it.

3. We must have patience.

  • Few worthwhile things in life come quickly.
  • Being an amazing leader doesn’t happen over night.
  • Microwave leaders don’t have any staying power.
  • Leadership is like a crock-pot. It takes time but the end product is worth the wait.

4. We must have accountability.

  • Since we are our own worst enemy and we can’t trust ourselves- we must have someone in our-life who we can be real with.
  • The more we seek advice and accountability the less likely we will find our selves off track.
  • Thomas Watson once said “Nothing proves a mans ability to lead others, as what he does day to day to lead himself”.
  • The smallest crowd we will ever lead is ourselves its small but it’s the most important. The better leader we are of our self the greater leader we will be of others.

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