This past sunday…

This past week we wrapped our current series GUARDRAILS. It was truly an amazing journey of discussing why God has placed GUARDRAILS in our lives through his word. He does so not to hold us back from experiencing life, as so many perceive God does, but so that we can experience life to the fullest. GUARDRAILS are there to protect not hinder.

So if you missed any of the talks you should jump on over to iTunes and spend time reflecting…

Here’s a recap:

  1. If you struggle with why we should have GUARDRAILS listen to Message 1.
  2. If you struggle with relationships, Message 2 is all for you.
  3. If you struggle with creating financial GUARDRAIL, Message 3 is a keeper.
  4. If you struggle with creating GUARDRAILS when it comes to your sexuality then Message 4 is for you.
  5. Then finally, if you need some final motivation to keep these GUARDRAILS in place, then check out Message 5 entitled “No more detours…”.

It’s simple God’s word is there to guide, protect, and strengthen. 

It is there to keep us from going into dangerous and off limit areas. That’s a GUARDRAIL.

Its time we get to work…


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