Sunday Huddle Recap | November 14

Sunday Huddle Recap:

I was listening to a podcast with Joel Houston from Hillsong United a few days ago. In it he said this about excellence: Excellence is a spirit not a presentation. But if it’s your Spirit, it will come out in your presentation.

There isn’t a person in this world who doesn’t struggle with this. We all struggle with excellence being a part of our day to day. Whether we are struggling with finding excellence at home or at work because things are chaotic or sporadic. It’s very difficult sometimes to make “excellence” our goal. But our understanding of this principle will not only change how we live, but how we love. Even how we love God. Here’s why… God deserves it.

One of the core values of CCA is: We value God Honoring Excellence

Why? Because we are committed to honoring God by striving for excellence in all our ministries and in everything we do

We want everything we do to be covered with God honoring excellence. Not as a presentation, but as our spirit. If we just focus on a task, aka the presentation, we miss the spirit. When we are simply task oriented it becomes all about the presentation with no heart.

But if we make excellence our spirit and it becomes the reason why we do what we do on any level, whether it’s volunteering, or at your home, or at work, the excellence we pursue will change everything we touch. It will change how we accomplish our goals and it will change how we interact with others, all because we understand the reason for our excellence, which is God. The number one reason we want excellence to be in our DNA is because it’s worship to God.

We want excellence because God deserves it.

The other day I had this thought… I want our church to be nicer than the nicest restaurant we’ve ever been to, even if we meet in a cafeteria. But also, I want our church to be more informal than our family dinner table.

That’s Excellence.

We want every religious wall broken down. We want every excuse thrown out the door. We want to give away a life changing experience. And to do it it takes God honoring excellence.

We value excellence because by pursuing it we are giving people an experience that could change their life. We give them the chance to see and experience God. This isn’t possible if we see excellence as a presentation and not our spirit. When we are just task oriented there is no heart. There is no love and it will always be short of excellent.

So lets not get focused on tasks but people. And if we put excellence in that pursuit it will change everything.

God deserves our best. He can save people and change lives without us but he chose you to be used…so give him your all…allow excellence to be a spirit that is rooted in your DNA and watch God use you.


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