Book Review | The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris

Anytime you read someone’s interpretation of The Bible you have to make the decision to open up your heart and ask yourself some questions: Am I reading this book with an open mind? Do I feel what this person is teaching/sharing is from a perspective that is Biblically correct? How does this individual’s opinion stand up with past leaders of our faith and their teachings on this subject?

There will always be people who know way more than me on any topic and books like The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris are great examples of just that. But when it comes to any Biblical topic or text, the reader must go to Scripture and decide if they agree or disagree with any author’s interpretation of something Biblically.

In his newest book, Robert Morris discusses the power of The Holy Sprirt and how it’s presence in our life can change our destiny’s forever. Morris has the difficult task of taking such a topic as The Holy Spirit and trying to journey through all the interesting and controversial topics that arise when discussing such a topic. I respect his attempt and his willingness to equip God’s people.

I highly respect Robert for his love of God and his teachings are phenomenal. I can honestly say the first half of the book he discusses all of the most prominitent Biblical texts about The Holy Spirit and shares some amazing points on how we can be one with it. He shared how God’s presence is there, not only to help us, but to befriend us. Robert also shares his own personal journey in this process and the ups and downs he has experienced.

I’m assuming our upbringing was similar because before I went to the church I am serving with now, The Holy Sprirt was not something we talked a lot about. But even now with the church I am on staff with, our understanding of God’s text on The Holy Sprirt differs from Morris’s.

Even after reading, there are items in his writings I don’t agree with. Robert believes in three baptisms, something I do not, as well has that everyone accesses every spriual giift listed in 1st Corinthians.

The point of our disagreement is 1 Corinthians 12:29-30. We simply disagree on it’s interpretation.   I love hearing different opinions and read them with an open mind. Therefore, this book and the controversial topics he discussed lead to deeper study and prayer in my own life. As well as personal evaluation of my beliefs on these topics, which I’ve done numerous times before.

But without a proper understanding of the topics discussed in this book, I don’t recommend it to just anyone. There needs to be some type of foundation before journeying too deep into the book, because without it, I’m afraid some readers could leave hurt, confused, or alienated.

On the other hand if you have done personal study on the topics of The Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts discussed in the Bible by all means go right ahead. Read it. Look within. Open up your heart and let God speak to you…


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