Book Review | Jared Herd’s More Lost Than Found

I recently wrapped up Jared Herd’s “More Lost Than Found Written – Finding a Way Back to Faith,” a highly entertaining read written from the heart a man who shares his pain of balancing his love for Jesus, and his battle with the church. As a ex-Pastor’s kid he saw the best and the worst of ministry and he shares the effects it had on his entire family. His dad’s affair which paved the way for his father’s exit from ministry, then jump started Jared on a spiritual journey of trying to understand how Jesus and His church are suppose to intertwine.

Every chapter focuses on a different perspective of God and his own personal expression of how we as man should worship and interact with God. In a culture where tons of young adults make the decision to bow out of church, Jared who left and then made the decision to re-enter the doors of church, helps the reader see Christ in a new light. His heart is to see God experienced for who He really is.

In the book Jared makes us re-think the separation that has occurred from past gernations and how many are rethinking traditional christianity as well as pushing further away from organziged religion.

I highly enjoyed his view point on how church culture today has suffered to find it’s place. He shares that the new prophets of our day are those with social justice roots along with musicianal artists. In a culture where people pay to go see stories in theaters, the Greatest Story of all time, which is shared week after week on a normal Sunday morning, struggles to find a audience.

If you want a great commentary on how one man found God and his journey in understanding where he fits in, you should definitely check it out.

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