Day 2 Recap:

Yesterday was full of laughter, spiritual discussions, and artistic flavor.

The day began another message by Andy Stanley who built on Monday’s message of actually DOING God’s by leading us into a discussion on “following God with out any explanations”.

This simple truth is enough to follow God without any explanation.

“God is enough reason to obey God.

Nothing more nothing less – God is enough. This truth comes from 2 Kings chapter 5 when a enemy soldier with leprosy meets the God of Israel after being healed.

Many times we need a check list of sorts to give into the commands and impulses of the God we serve. But following Him is that simple. God is all we need. We don’t need a sign all we need is our faith. He’s reason enough to say “yes”. He’s reason enough to say “I will go”.

The day ended with a worship set led by Gungor. An amazing band from Denver definitely worth a Google Search.

Join us in prayer this morning as we ask God to move in our group today. Today is s big day as we reach the half way point of camp and decisions are made. We want our students to make the decision to return home never the same….


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