Amplify Summer | Application and Info

This past Spring we implemented our newest discipleship class “Amplify” with 9 students who wanted to take their leadership and faith to the next level. Amplify’s summer semester will begin on June 19th. The summer semester will be a little different than the Spring and Fall semes-ters, but the heart is the same. Amplify will enable you to grow in your un-derstanding of the Bible and strengthen your leadership skills enabling you to reach your full potential in Christ. This semester you will encounter life long spiritual growth, new friendships, and life altering memories. But this decision is not to be taken lightly.

Attached to this blog are the details including requirements, fees, and commitments that are vital to the success of Amplify. Caley and I, along with our youth staff, pray you will take advantage of this amazing op-portunity to encounter God on the next level.

Amplify Summer Application & Requirements



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