Book Review: Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices by Brian McLaren

Finding Our Way Again- The Return of the Ancient Practices by Brian Mclaren is one work of a larger series about Ancient Practices of our Christian Fath. This was the first book of Brian Mclaren’s that I have read personally,  although I have listened to numerous podcasts from him with other christian authors. I was also excited about the book because of the general editor of the series Phyllis Tickle, who I highly respect and enjoyed listening to in a recent video series that she was apart of. Over all, the book was a tough read. The entire thesis of the book was to share ancient practices that all Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) follow. Mclaren shares about why spiritual practices matter and he gives his opinion on three different types of spiritual practices that  are included in our spiritual journey.  These include contemplative practices which prepare us for God’s grace which include solitude, Sabbath, silence, spiritual readying, etc. Communal practices which include hospitality, attentiveness, etc. Finally, missional practices which include worship gatherings, forgiveness, serving, giving, etc.

Brian Mclaren is a great speaker and always has an interesting viewpoint on things, some I disagree with, but he always has a great and interesting perspective to learn from when it comes to spiritual matters.  Its a tough read and I do recommend it if someone wants a different perspective on spiritual disciplines for their life.  The book does include discussion questions for small groups which is a major plus.

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