Book Review: Andy Stanley “The Principal of the Path”

Andy Stalnley’s “The Principal of the Path” has been an amazing read for my own spiritual growth. The entire theme of “The Principal of the Path” is based on the principle: “direction-not intention-determines our destination.” Stanley does an amazing job of taking this point and dissecting it for the growth of the reader. This is the second book I’ve read of Stanley’s and I’ve always been a student of his teaching, but now I am tremendous fan of his writing. This is not just a book on purpose, but a book that shares Godly insight into how we reach the life we dream of as well as a view into how we have arrived at the different stages of life good or bad. Stanley’s point is clear, every decision we make is a direction in the right or wrong path to our ultimate destination. How we live now is a picture into our future. We are future product of our current decisions.  With God on our side we can make the right decision and in doing so we can save ourselves of tremendous regret. So, throughout the book he explains the importance of looking for wisdom from those who have came before us regardless of their right or wrong decisions; as well as the importance of submitting ourselves to the one who knows what’s ultimately best for us: God. Stanley does a great job of bringing spiritual truth from Biblical heroes like King Solomon , who even though is known as the wisest man to ever live, he himself knew what it was like to forget the truth of this principle.

If you want to grow in your ability to choose the right paths for your life no matter your position or title this book is a must read. Engulf yourself in the power that is available to us from God to choose the right paths for our life young or old.


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