Every CCAer needs to read Sun Stand Still By Steven Furtick. Period.

I recently completed Steven Furtick’s first book Sun Stand Still and it blew me away. It has jumped to one of my top 5 books of all time – ever. Steven does an amazing job of sharing Godly insight on how to dream God size dreams so big that even the Sun will stand still. It’s based on the Old Testament juggernaut Joshua and his God size prayer for the Sun to Stand Still (Joshua 10) as the people of God continued to take over the promise land.

The entire book is about having enough faith to believe God for the impossible. If we really want to run after God and be used to make a impact that will affect the heavens, then audacious faith is not optional. For our church, we have been in a journey that has sparked our faith to believe that God can use us to forever change our community. But for our church to be that church we must BELIEVE. We must believe it has everything thing to do with us but also nothing to do with us- as we open our lives for God to move.

In Sun Stand Still Steven outlines what it means to have audacious faith and how Jesus’ death on the cross enables us to believe that God can and will do something great through us.

Audacious faith is not trickery, works based, or magical. It is spiritual. We must know and understand that even though salvation is free obedience can be costly. Living audaciously is not easy or simple. We must let our dreams die so God’s can come alive in us. This book has stretched me to cut away from my own selfish desires to make room for the gospel to come alive in me. Steven stretched my faith and made me look within to see how I see God and what I believe He is capable of. I believe in the impossible and this book stretched me to know that God can and will do great things through me and through our church. This book is a must for those a part of our church as we continue in making Jesus famous in North Florida; as well as anyone who wants to see God lifted up in their life.

Join me on a audacious journey of faith as we ask God for the sun to stand still in our lives and community…..

Buy it: Here

Check out the Sun Stand Still Website

Disclaimer:I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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