Sunday Recap:

Our past Sunday Experience was amazing as we reflected on the story of Daniel and how we can truly for live for God no matter our age – no matter the cost. Daniel, in his 80’s, was capable and able to live for God and stand firm in his faith. The reason he was able to do so was because of one simple truth. The reason he was able to have an eternal impact under four different kings, in a nation that was not his own, was because he understood: “It’s always a mistake to decide what you want to do – before you first determine who you want to be.”

Daniel understood his doing was an overflow of his being. The person he was inside would directly determine the success of his relationships and what he ultimately did with is life. Most people never determine who they “are” but rather let life choose for them.

Sunday- I gave the church this simple task: I want you to sit down and think about your funeral and who and what you would want shared.  What would people like your spouse, boss, pastor, friends, neighbors, coworkers, coaches, etc. say about you?

1. Write out a paragraph of what you would want them to say.                                      2. Then break down those paragraphs into one sentence summaries.                          3. Now summarize those sentences into one word description of what you want to be remembered for.

Those words are your fuel for life. Take them and allow them to be fuel for who you are NOW. They are  not only descriptions of who you want to BE but what you will find is they are descriptions of what God wants you to BE. They become a map for your life enabling you in every situation to know who you want to BE . Use these Godly attributes to direct your life, including who you connect with, as well as what you do.

Most never choose who they want to be, they only think about what they want to do and who they do it with. This is your chance to decide who you want to be BE. This is your chance to let God direct your path and discover your place in God’s cosmic plan.

Want to listen to the sermon again? You can do so here (if it’s not available it will be soon)

Need life group questions for this talk? Check them out here


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