True Inspiration

As we wrap up the first month of 2011, one truth that has changed my ministry is surrounded by the word… inspiration. One of the greatest gifts we can give our students as their Pastors is inspiration. Beyond the obvious of helping them encounter Jesus, and promoting growth in their journey towards Christ; our students must be inspired. At the heart of our ministries needs to be a Godly fuel to change the world. An inspiration for our students that pushes them to live their faith in a relative and relevant fashion. However, this comes only by seeing it modeled.

Through genuine inspiration we are able to empower our students to know they can change the world.

Barnabas is a Biblical example that transcends time. As the mentor to Paul, he understood Paul’s impact would extend further than his own. By living a life of inspiration he empowered Paul to take the message of Jesus to the world no matter the cost. Paul saw the life he wanted lived out through Barnabas. Can our students say the same about us?

We are compelled to ask “Is there anything in our life our students want to emulate?” For my life I know this is something I personally need to strengthen and it’s always been a battle. I haven’t conquered it, but this is something I am actively trying to put into place.

Through a mixture of God moments since the beginning of 2011, which included attending Passion Conference with our college age group, as well as reading Sun Stand Still by Stephen Furtick, my 2011 mission is simple: Inspire my students by proclaiming Jesus and not myself.

Since sharing this with others this New Year’s proclamation has spread to some of my friends. Our first stop is connecting with the International Justice Mission, a Christian organization that helps bring awareness and help to those being violently oppressed through the tragedy of global slavery and human trafficking.

Our group of seven is joining around the anthem of “There’s a Bigger Story”. Meaning simply there’s a bigger story to serving Jesus than just attending church and doing little. We are on a mission to inspire.

So join us in our mission of inspiration as we pray a God size prayer to raise $100,000 to help those stuck in the tragedy of sexual slavery. And by doing so, we will inspire a generation of students to change the world.

Connect with us…


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