Spiritual Practices

Just because I am a pastor doesn’t mean spiritual practices come easy. Just because I preach and teach the Word of God doesn’t mean I know everything I should. But one thing is true because I am a Follower of Jesus, the spiritual practices of our faith excite me.

But honestly there are many things that excite me in life and sometimes if we are honest, Jesus doesn’t get his rightful place. Going on a date with my wife excites me. Getting Starbucks after dinner excites me.

2011 excites me. Thinking about what God is going to do in our Student Ministry, and how our church will build our first building this year excites me.

There are many things that excite me in my life but nothing comes close to the encounter we get to have with our God daily. Spiritual practices are way more than just spiritual, they are lively. Encountering God daily through reading, praying, memorizing, following, and pursuing, are all “Life Practices” we need to make just that: a part of our life. A part of who we are.

But to do so we have to honestly make them way more important than a Thursday night show, or a to do list item, or sleeping in or going out. Our daily God moments are essential to our lives. Let’s allow our spiritual practices to change our DNA through our connection with our Savior.

These are all thoughts I recently had just two chapter’s into a new book on spiritual practices. At the end of one of the first chapters this question was posed and I want to share:

Reflect on it: If your relationship with God was a marriage, how would you describe things to a marriage counselor?”

What emotions arise- Good or bad? How does this relate to our spiritual (life) practices? Use this to ask question and reflect…let’s give God what he deserves…



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