God Moments

Two weeks ago we wrapped up our latest Crave series for the new year as we discussed the January ritual of attempting to make positive changes in our life. One truth we wanted to invade our lives was that we could plan for our best year ever. We dreamed of a better year in 2011 and our pursuit was to turn the dream into a reality. We believed wecould make our life better, and that through our reliance on God, our New Year’s resolutions didn’t have to be one of the millions of resolutions that are dropped. We could be the exception. 2011 could be a year like no other. Crave discovered quickly this series was not a serious of talks, but a lifestyle change for 2011 and beyond.

One Biblical example we spent some time reflecting and discussing was the story of Moses. We referenced how he stopped for a God moment when he saw a burning bush, and how we simply walk by way to many “burning bushes” or God moments every day in our life. Many times we do so without even noticing it. As we reflected on Moses experience and how he interacted with God, we wanted to do the same with our own life.

It all sounds good but it’s not that simple, even when it’s fresh on your mind after four weeks of talks with other people your age.

For example, last week I felt led to go purchase gatorade for some local teenagers who participate in a local basketball league beside one of our facilities. I was in route to our weekly teenage gathering and I had plans to find a way to make it over there in the midst of the prep for our gathering. Once I arrived, I became distracted with tasks that had to be completed before service and forgot about my journey to “quench their thirst”.

I then got word one our students snuck over there and invited them. We got on to her for breaking the rules and leaving the area, but most of those students she invited came and one had their eternity for every changed.

I walked by and over looked a burning bush, but a teenage girl in my student group picked up the slack.

When’s the last time you walked by a burning bush and you know it? I’m just lucky there was a student who jumped at God’s impression in that moment, rather then sit it aside for something that in the end of the night, really didn’t matter.

No more burning bushes getting unnoticed.

Let’s let 2011 be a year of “burning bushes”…


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