It’s worth it:

Jesus looked at them and said, “…with God all things are possible.Matthew 19:26

The last few weeks of December for a couple of years now have been a time of reflection and dreaming for Caley and I. Dreaming of what the next year will hold. Creating opportunities to reflect and make goals and commitments about what we want the new year to be like for our commitments to Christ, our marriage, and our family.

This past week along with goal setting, dreaming, and calendar planning an opportunity was presented to us that crushed me spiritually. Caley and I gathered with a few friends for what we entitled “Jesus Day”. First, I know everyday is Jesus’ Day, but on this occasion we devoted almost an entire 24 hour period to study, fast, read, pray, and worship. We took time to worship God and seek Him for direction for our own personal paths in 2011.

When the idea was first brought to me I was pumped, but then I glanced at my calendar… and the false god of my Google Calendar tried to talk me out of it. Don’t just assume I’m a horrible person for doubting the opportunity, it’s just during this time Caley and I had been granted the opportunity to take a few days off. So, the original plan was to just chill and disconnect ourselves from everything. But the more I shut the voice out coming from my calendar, the more excited I got about what God could do  in my life on this day.

And guess what? I am still living on a high from “Jesus Day” because it was worth the cost.

Who cares if it was the day before Christmas Eve. All that mattered was that God and I spent an entire day together and it was amazing.

One concept I took away with me is a new found respect for “weighing the cost”. We all have things in our life where we weigh the costs. We find ourselves asking ourselves the question “Is it worth it?”

Some of my 2011 goals are, like everyone else on our planet, work out and eat better.  Which means getting up a hour early. It means eating at home more. It means not getting sweet tea with my meal! But it’s worth the cost…

In 2011 I want to spend more time with God. Which means I have to get up earlier and be quicker to turn off SportsCenter in the mornings. But it’s worth the cost…

Whatever question you have laying before you. Whatever difficult situation you have in your life right now. Go with your gut no matter how unrealistic it may be. If God says do it…do it!

Maybe its taking time off work to spend more time with your family. Maybe its finding ways to save more money financially to take your family some where they’ve never been before. Maybe it’s making the time to read a book that will forever change the spiritual or financial life of you and those around you. It’s worth it!

So read that book…
Take that class…
Get up early…
Hit the gym…
Go to that conference…
Take those lessons…
Have your own personal Jesus Day…

It’s never easy to reach a goal, but anything is possible with God.

When God opens a door for you to do something insane- just do it. What do you have to fear?

This is your year… attack 2011…

It’s worth the cost.


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