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I have never had the exciting experience of meeting anyone famous… I am not sure why, but I’ve never seen anyone in a restaurant, a mall, a hotel, or an airport. I’ve always hoped I would run into Tim Tebow in the Oaks Mall one day, but it just hasn’t happened and now probably never will. But I think I’ll survive. Because our church’s sermon series right now is called Starstruck, I’ve been thinking a lot about being struck by stars or celebrities. Since I didn’t have real life examples myself, I had to depend on my friends stories…

My good friend Robby, (his last name I will keep private so that he can still hold his head high without shame) once was in a hotel using the, ach-hem, bathroom. When he emerged from the stall, he looked in front of him, and the one and only Godfather of Soul was standing before him, James Brown. Robby was so starstruck he did something he wouldn’t typically do… he didn’t wash his hands. Instead he reached out his germie hand so that James Brown would shake it. Definitely not appropriate.

A few months ago, my husband and I were on the way to meet our friends for dinner. When we pulled into the parking spot to park, Urban Meyer, the late Gator Football coach, was standing in front of our car. Now typically my husband would not act like a 5 year old girl seeing Disney for the first time, but he did in this unguarded moment. I had to speak through my smile so Urban and his family couldn’t read my lips and see me saying “Calm down. He is just a normal guy. Do not act a fool. He is with his family. Leave him alone. I repeat, Quit. Freaking. Out!”

I know these are some trivial, maybe somewhat sad examples of being starstruck, but the truth is, when someone is starstruck they act or do certain things they wouldn’t normally do… like forget to wash their hands. But when we are starstruck by the one and only true star, Jesus Christ, it is the same, we tend to do things we normally wouldn’t do, act ways we normally wouldn’t act. The Bible is full of examples of normal people being Starstruck by Jesus and responding with outrageous or dangerous acts.

Noah had never even heard of rain, but he was so starstruck by Jesus that he began building a boat to prepare for an earth destroying flood.

Moses was so starstruck by Jesus in the burning bush that he marched right up to the ruling Pharaoh of the entire country of Egypt and demanded “Let my people go!”

Rahab was so starstruck by Jesus that she risked her life to help His people and then left her family and questionable “career” to be close to Him.

Ruth was so starstruck by Jesus that she left her family, her town, and traveled to a land she knew she would be rejected because of her race.

David was so starstruck by Jesus that he took his clothes off and danced like mad man in worship.. (let’s not apply this example in church, K?)

Mary was so starstruck by Jesus that she risked her dreams, her marriage, and even her life to obey God by agreeing to “Let it be…”

The wise men were so starstuck (literally and figuratively) by Jesus that they left their homes and traveled for over a year around the globe just to worship him for a few minutes.

Paul was so starstruck by Jesus that he left his status, prestige, education, and job to become what he had lived to kill before.

These are just a few of the examples where the Bible shows us how people gave it all up because they were so starstruck by Jesus
Christ, the Savior of the World.

What is Jesus asking you to do that you typically would not do if you did not know Him? Give more? Love more? Gossip less? Worry less? Serve more? Risk more? Be less comfortable? Commit more?

In the business of our lives and especially in the midst of the chaotic holidays, we have to fight to not let the brightness of THE Star wear off. We need to continue to be starstruck daily and always be looking for things God wants us to do that we typically wouldn’t do.


One thought on “StarStruck…

  1. Great blog Caley……love you and Jay and thank you for all you do for CCA and Mark and Tina… both are awesome and I’m so glad you both were so “StarStruck” by Jesus that you’ve devoted your life to service for him…….Merry Christmas!!!!

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