Crave is Moving…

CRAVE is moving! If you’ve attended Crave lately then you’ve heard the news that we are moving our Tuesday Night Gatherings to Santa Fe College. Crave has had a amazing run at RueBar for the past 2 1/2 years but as time goes on God’s vision grows…

So, starting this Tuesday Night we will be meeting at Santa Fe in Building S. There will be two weeks during the break that the college will be closed, so stay up to date with our facebook page and blog for info on where we will be gathering.

Our Crave team is pumped  about what God has in store for us at our new location. At SF we will have the opportunity to create a environment for those who are college age to be apart of discussions of life and faith like no other…The opportunity for growth on campus is limitless and being on campus will as well enable us, as a club on UF and SF, to get more involved…Join us in this new adventure…

For all the info check out the Crave Blog…


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