Take Comfort in Rituals…

Tonight we wrap our latest Crave Series “Ritual”. For four weeks we have been discovering or rediscovering ancient practices that many times are overlooked in our culture.

Many times when we hear the word “ritual” concerning religious activities “comfort” is not soon to follow. But in life “rituals” are what keep things normal in our life. This is something Starbucks knows to well. We enjoy the comforts and rituals of life from family  nights to our Tuesday cup of joe at our favorite Starbucks.

When it comes to God the opposite is proclaimed. Many times “ritualistic” aspects of religion are what push people away. Usually because there is a lack of emphasis on correct “rituals”.

Many of us have been hurt or burned out with the idea of church because of unwanted “rituals” pushed on us. As if being a Christ follower means we have to dress or worship God with the same methodology.

Many rituals in our life we deem as good, but when it comes to spirituality we see it different…

The true “rituals” or ancient practices of God like prayer, fasting, worship, and Sabbath are not present in our lives to keep our spiritual life boring but fresh. Not to keep us or God in a box but keep us constantly asking….what’s next?

There is nothing “ritualistic” about God in the confines of how our culture defines such. Yes, the idea of prayer and fasting gives us comfort and both are  constant reminders that God is there, but those activities are what stretch us to the next level. Its those “rituals” that take us to the next place God has for us on our journey. Though the practices may be the same the destination is always different.

So even though sometimes we easily over look the “rituals” of our faith in the name of religion, these are sacred markers in our lives God uses to literally invite us into His story. “Rituals” like worship, confession, and fasting allow us to experience God’s grace in our lives. The kind of grace that brings us into the presence of God and helps us to live as God intended and created us to live.

I have always fought religious rituals. Doing things just for the sake of doing them because they always have been. When we bring this attitude and thoughts and carry them over to the activities God has given us to gain closer access to him, those parts of our life become ritualistic. When the routines become routine, they lose their power and their meaning for us. With God we must fight this….

Our God is the God of creativity and there is nothing “ritualistic” or boring about Him. Just a lack of creativity on our part to experience Him…

Everyday we get to pray to God and worship Him. Everyday we get the opportunity to read His words. Everyday we have the opportunity to use the “routines” of past great spiritual heavy weights and the application of such are as diverse and creative as the universe we live in.

With God nothing is old….
With God nothing is boring…
With God there is no such thing as a ritual….


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