patio furniture…

Caley and I just recently purchased some patio furniture for our balcony. We have lived in our apartment for over a year but never got around to it….

We were too busy…

But the addition of just 2 simple chairs has turned our balcony from a observation deck to a fresh new interactive space for our soul and family.

Life often is no different. We become too busy for certain tasks that we don’t deem  important. Whatever the item may be we know we need to get around to it but we just seem to never get that opportunity to achieve it…

Life is nothing but opportunities…opportunities we can choose to overlook or make the most of….

Many times we see our interactive time with God as valid and important but its often overlooked, rushed, or poorly accomplished.

It almost seems like its just a observation deck…we know God is there but we haven’t put in the time to really enjoy and savor its full capabilities…

But if we just got around to it and put some much needed effort into the relationship it could go from observation to interactive…

go buy some patio furniture and enjoy the Creator of the Universe…


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