Verge Back2School 2010 Check List


Just incase you lost your check list I gave you last week about what you can do to help spread the word about Friday Night…here it is!

Back 2 School 2010 Check List:

  1. Have I RSVP’d on The Back2School 2010 Event Page on Facebook? (To get there go to our Facebook page and click on the events tab)
  2. Have I invited All My friends on Facebook to the Event? (to do so go to the event page and under the event image is a box to invite your friends)
  3. Have I suggested to all my friends they be fans of The Verge Facebook Fan Page? (To do so go to our facebook page and under our profile pic is a tab to suggest our page to your friends)
  4. Have I Changed My Facebook Profile Picture to the Event Flyer? (To do so just right click and copy save the image to your desktop then load as your profile pic)
  5. Have I passed out flyers at my school?
  6. Have I put up flyers at my school?
  7. Have I asked my FCA Leader about passing out flyers?
  8. Have i asked about getting the event on the announcements at my school?
  9. Have I talked to someone about announcing the event at our football game (if a home game) on the night of the event?
  10. Have I personally invited all my friends?

Thanks Guys You can do this!


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