Spiritual Activism

In our life time there may come a time where we find ourselves in a situation of desperation. In those moments we run to a place where we lean, vent, ask, rely on God in communication. But whether times are great or dificult communication with God is a overlooked activity that brings purpose and meaning to our life. Prayer the topic we discussed last night at Crave was more than just what first comes to mind when you hear the word. Whether you grew up in a spiritual environment or you want more information on what it means to communicate with God. What we know to be true is that God wants to talk to us. He doesn’t want us to just talk at him but communicate with him…

In our culture many times prayer has just become a religious ritual that makes us feel good. But if we grab a hold of what it really means and tap into its full capabilities we can change the destinies of our life and those around us…prayer is about what we can get out of God but what he can get out of us….

Last night as we discussed this misunderstood act we asked these questions:

Are we really okay with being honest with God?

Are we really okay with our life being one big act of prayer?

Do we really trust God?

When we pray we tap into the divine creativity of God. God lets us be involved in what goes on in our world and our prayer shows our faith in who he is us…

When is the last time you talked TO God not just AT him?

Its time….

Its time to change the schedule of our day….

Its time to get rid of any ritual and experience the living….

Its time we talk with our creator.


One thought on “Spiritual Activism

  1. Enjoyed your blog today on prayer……I agree it is misunderstood by many……some think of God as a santa and you only pray when you want something……it is communion with the Father……I pray to Him, then in meditation he speaks to me…what a privilege…..

    Thanks for the awesome job you and Caley do for God, CCA and Pastor Mark & Tina…..love you….

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