College Growth

The Pew Forum discovered in 2008 while interviewing students at UCLA that college students grow more spiritual, but less faithful. The Forum discovered in comparing college freshmen and juniors that the importance of spirituality grows from one year to the next, but so does the idea that people can grow spiritually without religion. The study’s results found that church attendance was lowered in the junior year. Therefore, spiritual dialogue is strengthened in these two years, but done so in a method and path that leads away from Christ.

I completely agree with the understanding that someone can grow without religion…

In my 18-20 something culture religion is seen negatively. The word religion is connected to tradition, racism, hate, hypocrisy, and a judgmental mentality. But without Christ there is no hope, no purpose, and no meaning to life. One’s discovery of true living, true love, and eternity only occurs in Christ, not in spiritual dialogue…

This survey can be seen from many different perspectives:

One perspective is that this survey once again brings up the much needed conversation of our mission methodology as Christ Followers. How are we sharing Christ? How are we living out Christ? What kind of culture is the local church portraying to the community? What can be done to prosper church growth as a body of believers and then as we fill our “church

Another perspective is how are we promoting spiritual dialogue? If spiritual dialogue is being opened on campus, at work, and at home – how/what is being done to add to it? That’s the perspective Crave takes weekly at Rue Bar. Spiritual dialogue is going to take place somewhere so why not talk in a Bar where those who do not follow Christ are comfortable.

In Acts 17:16-34 Paul’s goes to Athens and has dialogue about an unknown god they were worshiping and through his conversations some lives were changed. He went there promoting spiritual dialogue. He used their culture and their tradition to talk about God. He was willing to open the door for spiritual dialogue. Not forcing it on them- not doing so in a religious fashion- but through simple conversation.

We as Christ followers need to go any where and every where and simply have dialogue- simply have conversation with others.

Spiritual dialogue is about our journey to Christ. It’s not talking to people with an agenda, it’s loving people unconditionally and sharing with them the love of Christ that has been shared with you.

When is the last time you started a conversation?


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